Television in UK: Top Deals, Accessories, Present and Future

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Television was first invented in 1920 by John Baird as a mean of transmitting and receiving video signals over a distance. Since then, the technology has gone through many evolutions. From B&W to colored and then modern day 3d HDR TV transmission, the technology has survived almost a hundred years to now.
Today’s TV Technology:
In the past couple of years, television technology is shifting from LED to QLED and OLED. Organic Light Emitting Diode has no back light which allows these displays to be exceptionally thin (like 1mm deep). Its response time is a thousand time faster than normal LED which enables it to quickly react to fast moving objects. These televisions are exceptionally thin and flexible. LG has even created a prototype that can be rolled up. QLED is a Quantum LED technology used widely by Samsung. This technology is new and currently being used on traditional LCD to give it more color and vibrance.
Smart tv boxes are also becoming very popular due to their ability to convert any normal LED tv into a smart TV. Running on an android operating system, these boxes let you download many streaming apps from the internet and watch them on your TV screen. A popular android app called “Kody” allows you to watch videos from all major online videos platforms and a collection of over 10000 tv channels.
4K HDR video output means a video with a minimum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. This allows a high amount of details in picture like clearly viewing dew drops on flower petals.

Television in UK:

The Television industry is a large and prospering business in UK. From news channel to entertainment, documentaries and kid’s channels, the television has all kind of stuff that you can go through in your spare time. Getting a right television set for your home can be a little tricky now a day as there is a large list of manufacturers out there. The market leaders in the UK like LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony and Toshiba are producing some high-quality television sets. Currys eBay and are popular online platforms to find magnificent deals. We have handpicked a list of top TV deals that is recommended by most of the tv experts in UK.


This television rightly deserves your spent money. With 4k HDR video output, it’ll give you the best experience of watching television. It has support for all modern television accessories. This smart TV runs webOS operating system which gives you a lot of functionalities like connecting to internet, playing videos and live channels from internet, recording and saving live videos etc.

ii. Philips 55PUS6753

This is a 4k output television available in £700 under certain deals on amazon and curry. This TV is available in 67’ inch large display and will definitely be a fine decoration to your wall. It is recommended by many top UK tv experts.

iii. Sony KD55AF8

This smart TV will melt your heart with its slim design and ultra-fast processing speed. The only thing that puts it one step behind to above two is slightly less brightness for HDR mode. It is currently available in the market in £2500 deal.
As the OLED technology is relatively new, the prices for these televisions are quite high. Anyways, we have picked following sets form our top tv experts which come under handy price.

i. Hisense H60NEC5600UK

A 60’ inch TV in almost £650 is not a bad choice from “”. It has 4k HDR video and smart features as well.

ii. Toshiba 43U5766DB

This 43’ inch smart TV with 4k output is under £300 in the UK market. If you have a PS4 or Xbox, this TV is your ultimate choice for best gaming experience. It is available on “very.

iii. LG 43UJ651V

This smart tv having 4k HD output and a lot of apps pre-installed, will give you much ease of use. It has a nice video output that will give you a satisfying experience.
Now considering the accessories, as TV technology changes the accessories need to evolve as well. We have a list of top TV accessories in UK and that will make a fine addition to your TV set.

HDMI cable: This will allow you to use your TV as a display device for many accessories like Smart TV Box, PS4 and Xbox etc.

Remote Control: getting a universal remote control will be a good choice as it’ll allow you to control not only your TV but all other electronic appliances in your home with a single remote. The best tv accessories expert in UK will recommend it to you.

Blu-ray Player: Samsung has a nice Blu-ray player available on amazon that has an HDMI output and a WIFI connection as well. It is a good choice to turn your TV into a home cinema.

3D Glasses: If you have a Samsung TV, then getting those Samsung 3d glasses will be a good option for you. It’ll enhance your 3d movie experience.
Wireless Transmitter: This transmitter allows you to send cast video from your Laptop or Desktop to your TV screen wirelessly. You can certainly watch all those HD videos on a better display.

Future of TV Technology:

There is a competition in QLED (pushed by Samsung) and OLED (pushed by LG) and it’ll keep going in the near future. Which one will defeat other, we cannot say. Both technologies are very expensive so the one who will be able to sell these technologies in a handy price will certainly get an edge. OLED is currently being recommended by the top experts for slim and fast response. QLED is on the other hand is recommended for colorful and vibrant display.

In the far future, we can expect holograms to take over the current TV technology. You may think of putting a projector at the center table of your living room and cast the display into the air to get a more realistic look and feel. The 3d technology combined with holograms will certainly revolutionize the way we watch the TV today.